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Morosini Dice wall/ceiling light LED
5 weeks
€ 359,-
Morosini Diamond Wall-/Ceiling Light
4 weeks
€ 382,-
Morosini In & Out wall/ceiling light
4 weeks
€ 246,-
Morosini Archetype Ceiling Light LED
5 weeks
€ 709,-
Morosini Egg Sospensione
5 weeks
€ 679,-
Morosini Archetype Floor Lamp LED
5 weeks
€ 1.899,-
Morosini Spring Sospensione Grande
5 weeks
€ 753,-
Morosini Ribbon Tavolo
5 weeks
€ 395,-
Morosini Ribbon Parete
5 weeks
€ 369,-
Morosini Cueva Pendant light LED, switchable
5 weeks
€ 946,-
Morosini Decentralization for Morosini Pendant lights
5 weeks
€ 14,-
Morosini Fog Soffitto
5 weeks
€ 503,-
Morosini Fog arc lamp
5 weeks
€ 1.518,-
Morosini Vane
5 weeks
€ 289,-
Morosini Ribbon Sospensione
5 weeks
€ 478,-
Morosini Dice wall/ceiling light
5 weeks
RRP*€ 251,- 1 % € 249,-
Morosini FOG/SO35 – Baldachin Nickel
24 h
RRP*€ 61,- 3 % € 59,-
Morosini Diamond Pendant Light
5 weeks
€ 899,-
Morosini Cueva Pendant Light LED, dimmable
5 weeks
€ 973,-
Morosini Fog Sospensione
5 weeks
€ 405,-
Your selection:   
20 results

Morosini – aesthetic designer lights from Italy full of expressiveness

For its lights and lamps, the young Italian light manufacturer Morosini masterfully combines tradition and modernity. Its designs are based on tried and tested stylistic elements and manufacturing techniques as well as on modern technology and innovative design.

Tradition and modernity merged skilfully
Morosini loves making experiments with natural materials. Due to the use of such materials and the masterful combination of modern and classic stylistic elements, Morosini manufactures lights and lamps with a unique flair. Here, the young light manufacturer which is based close to Venice cannot get past the well-known Venetian glass. Hand-blown luminaire bodies and finely cut glass bear witness to skilled craftsmanship and a love for tradition. This is complemented by exciting ideas made of wood, metal and textiles: noble lights with a plain, elegant look and a brilliant lighting effect. In order to realise its creative ideas, Morosini closely cooperates with renowned designers such as Andrea Lazzari or Sandro Santantonio. Only its wealth of ideas and the fascination of always wanting to explore new paths allow the implementation of the unique diversity of the Morosini designs.

The Fall Sospensione pendant light is a good example of applied traditional art of glassmaking. The light covered with Swarovski crystals not only suffuses the living room with deep ambient lighting. Impressively beautiful light compositions are created due to the refraction of light and ensure and elegant ambience. However, Morosini goes even further and makes use of dissimilar materials in order to create impressive pieces of art by means of light. For instance, the Diamond collection consists of a metal frame that is covered with fabric and which creates the impression of an illuminated, cut diamond. The Morosini designer lights of the Dress series, however, create the impression of a lampshade covered with fabric. Actually, the fabric hides an artistically manufactured metal mesh.

Fascinating lighting thanks to innovation
At Morosini, light and its effect on the surroundings always take centre stage. In addition to the classic designs such as the Spring light series, the innovative design team is also able to capture the purist style of modernity. The illuminated cubes of the Dice collection or the Cool and Round light series present timeless designer lights with a minimalist style. Here, the dynamics of light are clearly in the focus of the design. Thanks to their reduced look, the luminaire bodies optimally highlight the immaculate white light colour and the clear distribution of light. Here, the shape is a subtle tool that facilitates the creation of an overall perfect object.

Peace and harmony are the stylistic elements that are an inherent part of the entire product range of Morosini. The light manufacturer deliberately decided not to use garish colours and extravagant forms. Instead, the company creates lighting ideas that confidently and powerfully shine thanks to the simplicity of geometric forms or clearly arranged objects. Depending on the material, this leads to the creation of appealing shading and colours of light.

Morosini design lamps create an elegant, appealing living ambience as well as tastefully illuminated business and commercial premises. They are popular and appreciated all over Europe. The Italian light manufacturer already implemented numerous major projects. For instance, the Diamond ceiling light illuminates the Tura Tourism Centre in Istanbul, Turkey, while the Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw shines in the bright light of the Tessutti lights.
Morosini’s lighting concepts testify to the long Italian tradition and their calm, confident manner makes them an unobtrusive, decorative focus within the room.
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