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Light “to go”

Due to their mobility, battery-powered lamps are the permanent trend in lighting. Luminaires with rechargeable batteries do not require a permanent cable connection to operate, which makes them independent light assistants that can be taken to practically any conceivable place to provide cosy light. This is generated by energy-efficient LEDs, so that battery-operated lamps last many hours without electricity. Whether you would like to sit in the garden with your friends after sunset on a warm summer's evening, or read a book on the balcony in the evening - no problem! These wireless lights always assist you with practical light "to go".

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Battery lights for various applications

Rechargeable lights are suitable for many lighting tasks. As table lamps, for instance, they prove to be highly versatile in the living area. Whether on the side table next to an armchair or couch, on the bedside table or simply on the floor - the range of applications for table lamps with rechargeable batteries is wide. The Roxxane lamps from Nimbus are just a few examples.
Their mobility also predestines battery-powered luminaires for use outdoors. Battery lights accompany you to the terrace, balcony or garden - ideal for activities such as a garden party or barbecue. Lights with integrated batteries, such as those from Fermob, not only promote a cosy atmosphere with their cosy light, but also increase safety by improving orientation.

Battery lights: highlights

Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 101 CL with Magnetic Dock
The Leggera rechargeable lamp does without electricity for an outstanding 100 hours. The floor lamp weighs only 1.5 kg and offers flexible, dimmable reading light.

Marset FollowMe
The FollowMe not only pleases by its mobility, but also by its special look, which radiates a charming retro flair.

Flos Bon Jour
Philippe Starck, known for his often playful design, designed the Bon Jour. The Bon Jour comes with a pretty "crown" that scatters the LED light downwards, perfectly glare-free.

Battery lights – top brands at light11

The French label stands for stylish mobile outdoor design lamps. The table and floor lamps, which have already been prized with prestigious awards, impress with their purist style and gently scattered light. In this way they contribute to a cosy ambience outdoors.

The German LED expert Nimbus also has many attractive mobile battery lights to offer. One of the bestsellers among the wireless lights is the Roxxane Fly with its articulated 3D head, which is so small that it almost fits in a trouser pocket.

In addition to the beguilingly beautiful Bon Jour Unplugged battery lamps, Flos offers even more lamps with integrated batteries - such as the Gaku Wireless. This presents itself as a fascinating combination of lamp and furniture, which offers space for bowl, vase, mirror and other accessories.

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