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Dining table lamps for different dining table sizes

Dining table lamps for different dining table sizes

Inviting light oases matching your table

The dining table forms the centre of events in the dining room or kitchen. For optimum lighting, the number and size of luminaires matching the size of the table is crucial. A single luminaire in the centre of the table or an uneven number of luminaires is perceived as particularly harmonious. For the most popular two table sizes, we recommend the following luminaires:

For a table size of 160 x 80 cm you need one lamp in 40-50 cm size or two lamps in 10-20 cm size.

For a 200 x 90/100 cm table we recommend a linear luminaire with a length of 80-120 cm or two luminaires in 10-40 cm size.
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When choosing your dining table lamp, also pay attention to the width of the table. A large pendant luminaire with a diameter of 60cm needs at least a table width of 90cm, so the proportions between luminaire and table are right. The danger of head bumping is also minimised when standing up. The table should be at least 30cm wider than the lamp.

If you have any questions about your dining table lighting, please contact our customer service or our lighting planners.
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Different types of luminaires are suitable for dining table lighting

No ceiling outlet available or ceiling outlet not directly above the table?

Flos 265 application picture

Decentralised dining table lights solve your problem!

If your ceiling diffuser is not placed directly above the dining table or is even missing, we recommend decentralised luminaires. These luminaires are also perfect for "furniture backers" who like to adjust their table flexibly. Whether pendant, ceiling or wall luminaire - with the decentralised design you hardly have any restrictions due to your electrical connection.

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Popular decentralised dining table luminaires

Arc and battery lights - for maximum flexibility at your dining table

Flos Arco LED application picture

Arc lamps for the dining table

Light your dining table with an arc lamp, you do not need an electrical connection to the ceiling or wall. Installation is quick and easy with a plug. You can move or rearrange the table to your liking, your arc lamp supports you in your creativity.

Arc lamps for the dining table
Kartell Battery LED application picture

Battery lights for the dining table

Anyone looking for the perfect mood light for a romantic candlelight dinner is not necessarily dependent on candlelight. Rechargeable lights with their cosy glow can also create a sensual atmosphere and transform your dining table into a radiant banquet table. The lights with battery or rechargeable battery can easily be placed in the middle of the table without any disturbing cables.

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Smart Home dining table lighting with Philips Hue lamps

Philips Myliving Mohair pendant light and Philips Hue Flourish table lamp application picture

Make your dining table light smart - with Philips Hue

Does your dining table lamp have a conventional E27, E14 or GU10 socket? Then you can easily use Philips Hue as a replacement for a standard lamp and the luminaire will be controlled via the Hue App.

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Further control options for dining table lights

Dining table lamps suitable for different rooms

Dining table lamps in different shapes

Dining table lamps in different colours

Dining table lamps with different number of flames

Dining table lamps for different styles

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