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Reading in good light

Reading lights are often found by the couch, armchair or sofa in living rooms or by the bed in bedrooms. In the living room the most popular options are flexible floor lamps and larger table lamps. In the bedroom, we recommend 1 or 2 bulb wall lights, small bedside table lamps, or clip-on lights that can be positioned flexibly.


To ensure you get bright, clear lighting, you need to look for a colour rendering index of at least 90 Ra and also 800 to 1,200 lumen for the reading light. Combine your reading lamp with general room lighting for ideal visual conditions.

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Floor lamps and table lamps for reading in the living room – flexible, versatile, bright


Wall, table and clip-on lights for reading: recommended for the bedroom

How adjustable should your reading light be to meet your individual needs?

The ideal option in the living room and bedroom is an adjustable light that enables you to direct the light exactly where it is needed.

Reading lights with integrated LEDS or classic sockets?

LED reading lights with integrated LEDs

Discover LED reading lights with integrated LEDs. Thanks to their compact shape, these can be used for innovative designs, for example, to create very slimline, minimalist lamp heads.

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Reading lamps with tried and tested lampholder

Are you looking for a reading lamp with a classic socket for your familiar E27, E14, GU10, GY6.35 or G9 bulbs?

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