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Interior Floor lamps

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Floor lamp and Floor luminaires – illuminating your home stylishly

Anyone who wants to create a cosy ambiance in his own living area is well advised to buy a floor luminaires or a floor lamp. Or a floor uplighter. Floor lamps are not just powerful light sources, but also a special eye catcher in every room. By adapting the design of the floor lamp to your own furnishing style, you unite artful appearance with high functionality. Before buying a floor lamp, you should decide beforehand what to expect from a floor lamp. Classic floor lamps or floor uplighter are ideal for living rooms. The floor uplighter is a special type of floor lamp and has its own way to stage rooms stylishly: It directs its splendorous, smooth light to the ceiling, making it in low rooms an interesting alternative to ceiling lights. It submerges the room in warm light and keeps decently in the background. But the floor uplighter is not a good choice when you want to read something or do some handwork. Here, floor lamps are a better idea, because they can direct the light to the place where you want it to be. A floor uplighter with an integrated reading lamp could be a solution. In the dining area, a floor lamp with a flexular luminaire arm, a so called arc light, provides for nice illumination when eating. In sleeping rooms a floor lamp is also a good choice, when, for example, a sophisticated floor lamp acts as a reading lamp. A simple floor lamp or a one in a column design can put a corridor in perspective as well. And a distinguished office gains a special brilliance through an exclusive designer floor lamp.

There are matching floor lamps for any kind of taste, for any style and for any budget. In either case, a floor lamp is a real highlight for your rooms – no matter whether as a primarily decorating item or mainly a light source spending just light. Due to their size floor lamps are clearly visible objects and should therefore come with a special design. Table lamps can be placed anywhere and can be well combined with other light sources like table lights, wall light or pendant lights. Table lamps or table lights need no other pieces of furniture, since they are elements of interior decoration for their own. The only thing a floor lamp needs is a socket in the vicinity.

When it comes to the material of floor lamps, imagination knows no boundaries as well. On the one hand, common materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, wood or plastic are well-demanded options. But unusual and eccentric materials like bamboo, leather or marble are no longer a rarity and give your home a wow factor.

Besides being highly durable, the newest generation of floor lamps is extremely energy-efficient. Not in the slightest, high-value floor lamps or LED illuminants rank behind usual light bulbs in terms of quality. A LED floor lamp becomes especially indispensable when an additional functional illumination is in need, for example when reading. Then, an LED floor lamp is an efficient and long-living alternative floor lamp choice.

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