Floor lamps & standard lamps

Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 52 CL Application picture

Floor lamps, the mobile light with power

Floor lamps are mobile and give out light where they are positioned. Their advantage is that they can be used to provide light around armchairs and sofas or a bed. Compared to table lamps, floor lights are better for ambient lighting as they usually emit significantly more light. Due to their height, the light bulb often cannot be seen, reducing the danger of glare. Typical designs for floor lamps are uplights for ambient lighting or curved lights for illuminating dining tables. Single- and multi-bulb floor lamps that can be adjusted and floor lamps with separately controlled lighting components are perfect for reading.

Floor lamps bestseller

Flos Arco white
Flos Arco
Artemide Tolomeo Lettura polished and anodised aluminium
Artemide Tolomeo Lettura
Flos Arco LED white
Flos Arco LED
Artemide Tolomeo Mega Terra Special Edition - Black with dimmer shade, ø42 cm
Artemide Tolomeo Mega Terra Special Edition - Black with dimmer
Flos Spun Light F mudgrey
Flos Spun Light F
Flos Captain Flint LED black
Flos Captain Flint LED
Flos IC Lights F1 chrome glossy
Flos IC Lights F1
Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Lettura satin
Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Lettura
Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Terra parchment
Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Terra
DCW Mantis BS1 B black
DCW Mantis BS1 B
Artemide Cosmic Leaf Terra Halo transparent
Artemide Cosmic Leaf Terra Halo
Artemide Tolomeo Micro Terra polished and anodised aluminium
Artemide Tolomeo Micro Terra
Gubi Gräshoppa Floor Lamp black
Gubi Gräshoppa Floor Lamp
Martinelli Luce Biconica Floor lamp LED black
Martinelli Luce Biconica Floor lamp LED
Catellani & Smith Lederam F3 gold/black
Catellani & Smith Lederam F3
Flos Glo-Ball F2 aluminium grey
Flos Glo-Ball F2
Louis Poulsen AJ floor lamp white
Louis Poulsen AJ floor lamp
Luceplan Counterbalance Floor black
Luceplan Counterbalance Floor
DCW Lampe Gras No 411 Floor lamp black
DCW Lampe Gras No 411 Floor lamp
Louis Poulsen Panthella F white
Louis Poulsen Panthella F
Foscarini Gregg Terra white, media
Foscarini Gregg Terra
Flos IC Lights F2 brass matt
Flos IC Lights F2
Mawa Pure Floor lamp LED black matt
Mawa Pure Floor lamp LED
Artemide Tolomeo Terra polished and anodised aluminium
Artemide Tolomeo Terra
Ingo Maurer Ilios black
Ingo Maurer Ilios
Flos Rosy Angelis anthracite grey
Flos Rosy Angelis
UMAGE Silvia Floor Lamps black/copper , discontinued product
UMAGE Silvia Floor Lamps
Top Light Puk Eye Floor 132 cm LED
Top Light Puk Eye Floor 132 cm LED
Flos Kelvin LED F anthracite matt
Flos Kelvin LED F
Catellani & Smith UAU Terra nickel
Catellani & Smith UAU Terra

Floor lamps for various applications

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Reading lights for armchair, couch and bed

For reading, classic lampshades or reading lights that can be adjusted are recommended. For ease of operation, choose a reading light with a dimmer or a switch on the head or body of the light. If the lamp is positioned behind or next to the sofa, the joint of an adjustable reading lamp should reach above the backrest. An adjustable, downward-pointing reading light should have at least 400 lumens.

Reading lights
Luceplan Lola Terra with basedimmer Application picture

Ambient lighting for lounges and dining rooms

Choose a room light with at least 2,000 lumens per 20m². If you do not have any ceiling lights, a second floor lamp is recommended for even and adequate brightness. With an integrated dimmer you can create cosy mood lighting. If the floor lamp will stand directly against the wall, use a lamp with a swivel-mounted light or asymmetrical light distribution.

Ambient lighting

Floor lamps for different spaces

Floor lamps in different living styles

Find the perfect light to complement your personal style of living. Whether you prefer a "retro" style with design objects from the 1940s to the 1970s, an "Industrial" look with its rustic workshop charm, or a natural "country house style". Alternatives include the glamorous and high-quality "Modern Glam" style and the "Modern Zen" look, featuring plenty of white and light wood.

Floor lamps in different design styles

Find the right design style for your lighting. The Classical Modern period (1920-1969) encompasses Bauhaus (1919-33), Mid-century (1930-69) and Scandinavian style (since 1950). In the 1970s, organic design experienced a renaissance, while the 1980s marked the arrival of minimalism.

Floor lamps from all over the world

Floor lamps with popular materials

Floor lamps in popular colours

Floor lamps in popular shapes or with unique shades

Integrated LED or classic socket?

Rotaliana String F1 LED Application picture

LED floor lamps with integrated LEDs

Discover our bright and efficient LED floor lamps with integrated LEDs in innovative shapes.

LED floor lamps
Flos IC Lights F1 Application picture

Floor lamps with tried and tested socket

Floor lamps with a classic E27 or E14 socket allow light bulbs to be changed easily as required. Also suitable for smart home lighting with adjustable white or coloured light.

Floor lamps with socket

Different control options

Dim or switch your floor lamp directly on the lamp, by push-button, switch, rotary dimmer, gesture control or App.
So you do not need to get up to adjust your light to your needs.

Flexible and adjustable floor lamps

Floor lamps with special features

Discover popular floor lamp design classics

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