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22 results
Lumina Daphine Parete 35
6 weeks
RRP*€ 298,- 13 % € 258,-
Lumina Flo Terra
24 h
RRP*€ 518,- 16 % € 436,-
Lumina Daphine Terra LED
5 weeks
RRP*€ 557,- 14 % € 479,-
Lumina Moove 42 with decentralisation kit
24 h
RRP*€ 762,- 14 % € 659,-
Lumina Daphine Terra Classic
8 d
RRP*€ 431,- 15 % € 368,-
Lumina Daphine Cloe Tavolo LED
6 weeks
RRP*€ 343,- 5 % € 326,-
Lumina Flo Bedside
6 weeks
RRP*€ 390,- 5 % € 369,-
Lumina Galileo Mini T
6 weeks
RRP*€ 934,- 5 % € 887,-
Lumina Dot 800 Pendant Light LED
6 weeks
RRP*€ 1.904,- 5 % € 1.809,-
Lumina Moove Doppia 42
6 weeks
RRP*€ 1.557,- 5 % € 1.479,-
Lumina Matrix Otto/P
6 weeks
RRP*€ 710,- 5 % € 675,-
Lumina Daphine Tavolo LED
6 weeks
RRP*€ 470,- 12 % € 413,-
Lumina Daphine Tavolo Classic
6 weeks
RRP*€ 347,- 5 % € 329,-
Lumina Galileo Sospensione
6 weeks
RRP*€ 1.416,- 5 % € 1.345,-
Lumina Eva LED
6 weeks
RRP*€ 2.475,- 5 % € 2.349,-
Lumina Daphine Parete 20 LED
6 weeks
RRP*€ 298,- 5 % € 283,-
Lumina Flip 22
24 h
RRP*€ 568,- 5 % € 539,-
Lumina Dot 1100 Pendant Light LED
6 weeks
RRP*€ 2.880,- 5 % € 2.736,-
Lumina Dot 600 Pendant Light LED
6 weeks
RRP*€ 1.255,- 5 % € 1.193,-
Lumina Matrix Otto
6 weeks
RRP*€ 664,- 5 % € 629,-
Lumina Base for Elle 2
48-72 h
RRP*€ 565,- 5 % € 537,-
Lumina Matrix Mono
6 weeks
RRP*€ 157,- 5 % € 149,-
Your selection:   
22 results

Lumina Italia – Light art in a clear, Italian design

The word “Light design” gets a new meaning by the lights of Lumina – here lighting fixtures and lighting effects unite to become art works with great lighting power.

1973, even before Lumina Italia was established in the year 1975, company founder Tommaso Cimini had created his first design object in a basement: Daphine , a functional table lamp with a minimalist design and a high degree of lighting power. At its presentation at the Fiera Campionaria in Milan in 1974, the lights attracted so much attention of the fair visitors that consequences arose: Afterwards, Tommaso Cimini established the Lumina Italia company, with the aim to produce lights and lamps which are reduced to the essential. By this, the company founder understood high lighting quality , perfectly shaped, minimalist design and the application of exclusive materials. Timelessness and longevity of Lumina design lights prove Tommaso Cimini right. Already in the first years after launching the company, the range of Lumina design lights became wider year after year. This was not least due to the decision of Tomaso Cimminis to, besides devising own concepts, work together with other respected designers. Therefore, Lumina lights concepts are also the brainchilds of Walter Monici, Riccardo Blumer, Yaasov Kaufmann and Emanuele Ricci. In 1987, the production capacities at the original company site became insufficient, so that Lumina moved to new company premises in Arluno near Milan.

In the following years, the company established subsidiaries in Germany and the Swiss. 80 per cent of lights manufactured in Italy are destined for export to 35 different countries around the world. Light design by Lumina enjoys international reputation, so that products of the company are exhibited currently in renowned design museums. Since the establishment of the company, several designs of lights have been awarded international design prizes, like, for example, Design Plus Award and Best of category Award Light Fair International. Production of Lumina lights takes place only at the company site in Italy. There, the lights manufacturer meanwhile employs a staff of 40. The company puts great emphasis on the attribute “Made in Italy” and so uses only products from Italian craft producers and family enterprises to manufacture Lumina design lights and lamps. At the same time, the manufactory subjects itself to a voluntary commitment to the protection of the environment when choosing raw materials and manufacturing the lights. Every Lumina light can be operated with energy saving lamps. Moreover, the design lights are characterized by excellent lighting quality and outstanding appearance. They are remarkable for their minimalist light design and simple forms. After producing the original version of Daphine as a table lamp, ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall lights and the small table lamp Daphinette have been developed on the basis of Daphine. All lights of this series are fully adjustable and can send their light directly wherever you want, for example at work spaces or provide for indirect room light. Lumina Galileo comes as pendant lights and wall lights and are appreciated for their extravagant diffuser made of transparent, optical glass. The distinguishing element of the Matrix lights family is the completely visible illuminant. Just by choosing another light source, Matrix lights change their character every time. Illuminants may be common light bulbs, globe lamps, halogen spot lights or energy saving lamps.

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