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Catellani & Smith – hand-made masterpieces for atmospheric illumination

At Catellani & Smith, craftsmanship and innovative light technology are combined with artistic and creative passion as well as with a pinch of irony with which the Italians are manufacturing their lights and lamps. These not only provide for an atmospheric mood lighting but also surprise you with an unexpected and fascinating design which instantly wins over the viewer.

Behind each design lies a story, a mystical inspiration or unique aesthetics. All creations by the Italian traditional company Catellani & Smith from the Northern Italian municipality Villa di Serio (near Bergamo) stand out due to the exceptional visual expressive power of the lights. While working on his creations, the company founder and chief designer Enzo Catellani draws

his inspiration from different motifs of nature, for instance, from the mysticism and the luminous power of the moon or the sun. The Stchu-Moon or Luna light series are, as their names already indicate, dedicated to the topic of the moon. The first collection, Turciu', was inspired by the tree of light by Alberto della Luce: the flexible arms bendable in all directions characteristic for this series are reminiscent of the branches of a tree.

Prior to the foundation of Catellani & Smith in 1989, the Italian designer Enzo Catellani owned a small shop for lights together with his brother. During this time, he was already striving to achieve more and to have a much larger company, taking the Italian labels such as Artemide and Flos as an example. When he started his business

Enzo Catellani demonstrated his distinct sense of irony which led to the circulation of an incorrect foundation myth that fooled a large number of journalists: the first catalogue of the company contains a fictional profile according to which the Italian blacksmith Carlo Catellani and the British architect Logan Smith are the company founders. In fact, Carlo is the name of Enzo’s father and Logan Smith is the company owner’s racehorse. This creative approach was transferred to the creation of the designer lights. The brand Catellani & Smith stands for original light solutions that are manufactured by hand with a lot attention to detail and which are up to now produced in small quantities. Thus, every single light is a unique piece that has an individual charm.

Mood lighting with fire & flame

Catellani & Smith Luna
Show the Catellani & Smith Luna light family

Catellani & Smith Gemma
Show the Catellani & Smith Gemma light family

A look at the product range by Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith also deals with the light colour and proves, for instance, by means of the Oro series that you can reproduce the warm, golden colour shade of the sun by means of a light. For the Luna series the light designer created light fixtures in the form of a large golden disc that is illuminated by means of a candle and which thus provides for a pleasant mood lighting. A recurring motif of Catellani & Smith is the moon. The Fil de Fer collection includes light fixtures that reproduce this celestial body by means of aluminium

wire. This classic is equipped with halogen lamps, which impress with a brilliant colour rendering, that are integrated in a mesh of aluminium wire and therefore create an appealing, gleaming ball. The mystically enchanted atmosphere that is created is a typical example of the credo of this light manufacturing company. Catellani & Smith goes one step further with the Stchu Moon. The design luminaires from 1997 fascinate the viewer with their hand-manufactured light bodies where the inner or outer surface attracts

the viewer’s attention with the surface structure which is somewhat reminiscent of a lunar crater. Depending on the perspective, these lights look like the moon as we see it from earth. In 2004, Enzo Catellani introduced the Post Krisi collection and thus designed coloured luminaires for the first time. The only colourful light series by this manufacturer deals with different forms and the play of light, shadow and transparency that is created by its extravagant form.

Light families

Catellani & Smith Eco-Logic light
Show the Eco-Logic light family

Catellani & Smith Fil de Fer
Show the Fil de Fer light family

Catellani & Smith Disco
Show the Luna light family

Spiritual light produced by eco-friendly LED lamps

With the Eco-Logic Light series and the integration of exemplary energy-efficient LED lamps producing warm-white light the designers show how much they care about the responsible use of resources and thus about nature. This is not only beneficial for the climate and the environment but also for the household budget since the energy bill is reduced. At the same time, these lights reflect the experiences

Catellani made during a journey to India where he got to know a part of the country that is deprived of many privileges that are natural to us, however, the people in this part of the country are more spiritual and full of zest for life. Thus, the Eco-Logic light family includes purist, powerful lights such as the Light Stick Terra. Thanks to its vanishingly slim lamp pole, this floor lamp represents elegant purism

and an amazing luminous efficacy while only consuming 10 W. On the other hand, you can also find lights that attract your attention due to their extraordinary personality: for instance, the Ametista Tavolo whose deliberately irregular shade made from translucent polymer not only provides for a charming and unique touch but also impresses with a fascinating play of light and shadow on the wall.

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