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Interior Pendant lights

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Pendant lights and pendant lamps – optical upgrading of the residential area

So called pendant lights are lights which hang into the room, i. e. are suspended from the ceiling. Connection takes place with the help of steel ropes, cables or a special rail system on the ceiling, whereas a ceiling lamp is attached to the ceiling directly. So pendant lights have the advantage of being more flexible and adjustable, various height adjustment options allow the adjustment to nearly any room size. So you can position a pendant light or a pendant lamp in a way that an optimal illumination is achieved, thus an optimal convenience is possible. Generally, pendant lights are suitable for small and large rooms that feature relatively high ceiling. Pendant lights are popular lighting sources in homes, as they ensure easy general illumination of rooms. The variety of pendant lights knows no limits. There are design pendant lights in all forms, colours and sizes. In an interplay with their filaments, models made of stainless steel and satined glass create extraordinary lighting effects and let every living space shine in a perfect light. Styles range from country style to retro and art deco to art nouveau. Materials of pendant light are diverse, too: Pendant light consist partly or completely of glass, stainless steel, plastic, Japanese tissue paper, plaster, aluminium, cloth or wood. Forms go from squarish to round, oval or cup-shaped. But there are pendant light designs that are reminiscent of organic natural elements such as flowers, pepple stones or leaves. Chandeliers belong to the family of pendant light, too. Modern chandeliers are hardly to surpass in terms of extravaganza, creativity and highlight potential and virtually give rooms a majestic dignity. There are also pendant lights and pendant lamps that are shaped linearly, purely and clearly. By being so, the eye of the beholder isn't distracted by the emitted light of the pendant light. But well-designed pendant lights don’t just attract attention only in switched-off state. Pendant lights or pendant lamps display their full impact and fascination only when they are illuminated. Particularly over the dining table a pendant light becomes a real „mood maker“. Pendant lights create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere at the dining place and invite you to take place at the table. With its warm-white light, the pendant lamp becomes the shining centre of the dining place around which everyone wants to gather, just like by a campfire.

There are one and multi-lamp pendant lights. Mulit-lamp pendant lights generally qualify perfectly for the illumination of longish dining tables. But single-lamp models with wide radiation characteristics are suitable for large table as well. To use the light not just for illumination but as a mood light as, the selected pendant light should be vertically adjustable and dimmable. Standard height over the table edge is 60 cm, according to the luminaire. Of course, pendant lights are perfectly suitable for the illumination of other central places as well. A pendant light can, for example, put the focus on a couch. But it is often used as an illumination over the couch table or in the sleeping room or children's room, too.

LED illuminants are applied in pendant lights ever more often. Arguably the biggest advantage of LEDs is their energy efficiency: In comparison to usual light bulbs, the energy saving is up to 80 per cent. Besides, LEDs have an operating life that is 12 times as high as that of common bulbs – which makes LED a very economic choice. LED pendant lights are not only equipped with innovative technology, but also stand out due to modern design.

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