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"Light is life and good lighting is a necessity." Luceplan is a beacon of experience, research and innovation

Luceplan Classics

Luceplan Costanza Terra with Telescopic Aluminium Stem and Touch Dimmer Application picture

Discover Luceplan Costanza, Costanzina and Grande Costanza

Luceplan lights are the epitome of sophisticated design and modern lighting technology with sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Founded in 1978, the Italian manufacturer, headquartered in Milan, is one of the most famous lamp manufacturers worldwide.
The most popular lamp series from Luceplan is the Costanza family, with its related ranges, the Costanzina and Grande Costanza. The reserved design by Paolo Rizzatto combines clear shapes that avoid any unnecessary elements, with a wide range of colours and high-quality materials such as fine aluminium or ornate brass.

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Other Luceplan Classics

Popular product families of Luceplan

Luceplan Hope ø72 cm Application picture

Discover the world of Hope by Luceplan

With Hope, Francisco Gómez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto have redefined traditional chandeliers. The lamp series consists of extremely thin micro-Fresnel lenses, which give them the appearance of a large sparkling diamond even when switched off. When it is switched on, it creates a fascinating lighting effect.

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Other popular product families of Luceplan

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