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11 results
Artemide Pirce Micro Sospensione LED
10 weeks
RRP*€ 565,- 10 % € 508,50
Artemide Pirce Mini Sospensione
24 h
RRP*€ 575,- 10 % € 517,50
Artemide Pirce Mini Soffitto
5 d
RRP*€ 560,- 10 % € 504,-
Artemide Pirce Mini Soffitto LED
24 h
RRP*€ 880,- 10 % € 792,-
Artemide Pirce Soffitto
48-72 h
RRP*€ 760,- 10 % € 684,-
Artemide Pirce Micro Parete LED
24 h
RRP*€ 315,- 10 % € 283,50
Artemide Pirce Sospensione
48-72 h
RRP*€ 830,- 10 % € 747,-
Artemide Pirce Soffitto LED
10 weeks
RRP*€ 1.080,- 10 % € 972,-
Artemide Pirce Sospensione LED
48-72 h
RRP*€ 1.160,- 10 % € 1.044,-
Artemide Pirce Parete
24 h
RRP*€ 345,- 10 % € 310,50
Artemide Pirce Mini Sospensione LED
24 h
RRP*€ 895,- 10 % € 805,50
Your selection:   
11 results

Artemide Pirce – fascinating lighting effects by extravagant lamps

With the Pirce series, Italian manufacturer Artemide has managed once more to create a perfectly shaped symbiosis of design and lighting effect. With their graceful, weightless appearance, the fixtures from the Artemide Pirce series seem to float along the ceiling or wall. The reason for this amazing look lies in the elaborate construction: one slender sheet of laser-cut aluminium, which is unfolding downwards in an elegant spiral. At the lower end a shallow bowl houses the illuminants. This light source shines upwards and is reflected in an unparalleled way by the “floating” discs, resulting in a fascinating game of light, which enchants the whole room.

The Pirce Sospensione is such a pendant light that cultivates the environment with its way to illuminate. Consisting of white varnished aluminium and arranged artfully one below the other, the different sized discs of this pendant light provide special shadow and light effects in the environment and stand out as a remarkable design object as well. So the die Artemide Pirce pendant light acts as a prime example of this astonishing collection – unequalled when it comes to combine lighting effects and expressive appearance.

For those who prefer smaller dimensions, the Artemide Pirce Mini is a good choice. This version does not attract less attention and delights the eating room as skilfully as the lamps around here. The work of the Sicilian Giuseppe Maurizio Scutella, who by the way is responsible for all Pirce models, impresses also with outstanding design and realizes magic moments, for example in the living room.

One more masterpiece from the ranks of these attractive eye catchers with the interesting light emission: the Artemide Pirce Soffitto. This ceiling lightimpressingsly demonstates, how a dynamic look can enhance the living area. The Artemide Pirce Parete does not make a less long lasting impression than the Pirce Soffitto. The wall light visually enriches every decoration and at the same time – thanks to a considerable amount of 5000 lumen – provides wonderful general lighting in the living, dining room and bedroom. Installed in an entrance area like a corridor, the atmospheric light ensures an inviting and classy ambience, setting the right mood for the other rooms.

Additional information on the designer: Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà was born in Alcamo (Sicilia) in 1962 in Alcamo, but was raised in Lumezzane (Brescia), an industrial metropolis in the regions of Lombardia, after his family moved there. There he successfully completed training and got a diploma in the field of industrial mechanics in 1981. Afterwards he worked for a period of twelve years as a senior injection moulding and plastic moulding project designer and was employed with such prestigious companies like Mercedes, Kawasaki, Prisma, Bonfiglioli, Sylber, Metalwork, Gaggia, Fini, Tronconi and: Artemide, for whom he created highly appreciated objects. In 2008 he devised the pendant light “Pirce”, which won him the iF Product Design Award in 2010, the Good Design Award of the Chicago Atheneum in 2008 and the red dot design award in 2009

About his work the Italian once said: “A technical object of illumination has a soul, it tells you a story, is a poem without words. Light has its own scent, a sweeping, bright shining sound. It is wonderfully alive, dynamic, intimate and smooth. I appreciate its essence and embrace its language of light and shadow and try to establish possible various interpretations. This is my way to approach the magic of light.“
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