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Artemide is one of the world's leading manufacturers of designer lamps. Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza, Artemide's corporate philosophy "The Human Light" focuses on people's needs and improving their quality of life. Today, Artemide luminaires are synonymous with innovative and sophisticated lighting technology and elegant, stylish design. With lights such as the Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo or the Tizio , the Italian premium brand created timeless classics of design, which continue to inspire enthusiasm decades later.

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Artemide Tolomeo: discover the world’s most famous luminaire family at light11

You have certainly seen the greatest celebrity among the Artemide lamps at least once in your life - in countless films, series and other media the iconic table lamp can be admired regularly. The most famous Artemide lamp in the world, the Tolomeo Tavolo by designer legend Michele De Lucchi, celebrated its 30th birthday in 2017. With the Tolomeo Micro and the Tolomeo Mini Artemide also offers smaller versions of its iconic desk lamp. The Tolomeo Parete, on the other hand, skilfully transports the established design to the wall.
Among the Artemide floor lamps, too, the Tolomeo Mega Terra series is a real highlight, positioning itself as a real eye-catcher in the room with its skilful mix of classic and modern elements. Bookworms are delighted with the flexible adjustment options of the tall Tolomeo Terra or the Tolomeo for reading, the Tolomeo Lettura. With the Tolomeo LED-family, Artemide presents its classics with contemporary, energy-efficient LED technology.

Extravagant design by Artemide

Extraordinary designs by renowned designers for Artemide

Artemide not only stands for stylish, functional design that is tailored to people's needs. Extravagant designs by renowned designers are also part of the portfolio of the Italian luxury brand. The Pirce by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà, for example, is reminiscent of the rings of Saturn. The Mercury by Ross Lovegrove, looks like drops of mercury floating in the air. And the Artemide LED Net, created by Michele De Lucchi, looks like a overdimensionised laurel wreath.
The Artemide Skydro , too, adds a pinch of extravagance to the interior: giant "drops of water" nestle against the ceiling and serve as a fascinating reflective surface for indirect room lighting. Neil Poulton's Calipso is reminiscent of a large honeycomb, while Ameluna, a joint project by Artemide and Mercedes-Benz, fascinates the viewer like an exotic creature from the deep sea.

Timeless classics by Artemide

Artemide’s evergreens

Over the decades, many Artemide lights have established themselves as timeless success models. As such, they breathe a hint of design history that sets highlights in the furnishings. The Artemide Tizio from 1972 is regarded as one of the first low-voltage light fixtures ever and still amazes the observer with its adjustable arms, which are kept in balance by counterweights. The Melampo is a modern classic that captivates with its tiltable shade made from silk satin, the Artemide Miconos does so with its transparent spherical diffuser made from hand-blown glass.
Another eternal bestseller is the Nur pendant light, which radiates an almost majestic presence with its voluminous dome-shaped reflector. The Artemide Ilio, which is limited to the simple geometry of a cylinder and sends its light almost unnoticed towards the ceiling, embodies purism to the highest degree. Further evergreens among the Artemide luminaires can be found under Masters' Pieces.

Hand-blown glass lights by Artemide

Glassblowing art from Murano for Artemide lights

A quality feature of many Artemide lamps is the use of mouth-blown glass. Meteorite , for instance, gets its cosmic rock look by handmade Murano glass, which comes from the famous glass workshops on the island of Murano near Venice. Onfale's entire body is made of mouth-blown opal glass - with the exception of the rim made of transparent crystal glass. The Artemide nh1217 also owes its soft light to white hand-blown glass, which in this case contrasts wonderfully with a brass base.
In a silky glossy finish, created by the addition of opal salts, comes the veil-shaped mouth-blown glass of the Logico. In the Artemide Castore lamp, the hand-blown glass shade and the gently shimmering thermoplastic resin shaft form a harmonious ensemble. Like a showcase, the Empatia also a masterpiece of Venetian glassblowing, offers an exciting insight into its interior.

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