Founded in 1945, Bega has developed into one of the most renowned German light manufacturers, especially as a specialist for outdoor lighting. Bega outdoor luminaires enjoy an excellent reputation due to their high quality and careful workmanship; Bega light fittings are therefore synonymous with quality "Made in Germany". Bega bollard lamps , for instance, reliably illuminate paths and driveways and thus contribute to better orientation. Bega wall lights are true all-rounders, suitable for many outdoor lighting purposes. And Bega garden lights create fascinating islands of light in the home flora.

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A rustic aura surrounds the Bega lamps of the BOOM line. These captivate on the one hand by a classical appearance and on the other hand by rustic surfaces such as copper. These not only lend Boom luminaires a raw charm, but also develop a special personality through patina development over the years. Bega Indoor proves that Bega lamps are not only suitable for outdoor use. These lights/products equally appeal with a minimalist look and are recommended for use in corridors and bathrooms, where they are protected against splashing water in accordance with IP44. The lights of the Lichtbaustein range have been a Bega trademark for almost 60 years now and are defined by clear geometric shapes, such as squares, circles or cylinders. The Bega Plug & Play series provides flexible lighting that can be controlled remotely. These smart lights from Bega are connected with each other and can be individually controlled with a remote control.

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Bega lamps are used in many areas. Due to their robustness and longevity, they are perfectly equipped for many years of use in the outdoor area. As wall lights, for instance, they allow you to stay longer in the fresh air on balconies or terraces even after the sun has set. They generate either diffuse light, which is given a particularly soft touch by high-quality glass diffusers. Or they provide indirect, inviting lighting and thus contribute to a cosy atmosphere. Also as ceiling lights Bega lights make the stay on the balcony or the terrace more pleasant. House entrances are another domain of Bega outdoor lights. Here, they illuminate the area around the entrance door, making it easier for residents and guests to find their way around. Bega luminaires are also an asset for façade lighting. In this case, they effectively emphasise the architecture of the building, transforming your house into a radiant business card of your excellent taste.

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