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Interior lights & lamps for bedrooms

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Light fixtures for the bedroom – lights promoting harmony and assistance while reading

We spend about one third of our lives in the bedroom. This is where we sleep, recapitulate the day or simply make ourselves comfortable while reading a book. However, in the morning when a new day breaks, the atmosphere becomes more active: searching for clothes in the closet, getting dressed, checking oneself in the mirror, making the bed – the activities in the bedroom are manifold.

Accordingly, the requirements for suitable and proper lighting in the bedroom are quite challenging. Ambient lighting forms the basis for activities such as making the bed or cleaning. However, this basic illumination should never be strong because a too brightly illuminated room

often seems uncomfortable. If you do not want zone lighting for a cupboard or a shelf the ambient lighting should be sufficiently powerful to ensure a save orientation within the room. Furthermore, for most of the people who like to read before falling asleep, a reading light is an indispensable tool. Additional light fixtures that ensure mood lighting such as the Cubelight by Tecnolumen, a light cube made of 18 real glass cubes, additionally underline the pleasant atmosphere.

Only a harmonious combination of several luminaires provide for a balanced lighting atmosphere in the bedroom. As already mentioned, a ceiling light should be the top priority

when creating a lighting concept for this room. It is not only responsible for the general lighting – being a designer light it is also supposed to visually upgrade the room. A prime example for this dual competence is e.g. the Hope Soffitto – affectionately also called “ceiling diamond”. The Fresnel lenses manufactured from polycarbonate form the basis for its charming appearance because they reflect the light many times and thereby provide for soft, harmonious ambient lighting. At the same time, this light by Luceplan creates a fascinating play of reflections on the wall and the ceiling.


Light families

Artemide Tolomeo

Artemide Tolomeo
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Vibia Quadra

Vibia Quadra
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Moooi Light Shade Shade

Moooi Light Shade Shade
Show the Moooi Light Shade
Shade light family


Combination of art and illumination

A further shining example for a successful combination of design art and charming lighting effect is the Disco D'Oro. This hand-made ceiling light attracts the viewer’s attention even while it is switched off: the interplay of the golden or silver reflector disc and a boom which houses the illuminant and which is virtually floating in front of the disc brings a pinnacle of light design into the bedroom. As such it also offers indirect, soft light and thereby provides for a smooth transition between daytime and night-time. A floor lamp such as the Wo-Tum-Bu which diffuses its light in all directions, a pendant light like the impressive Artemide Cabildo Sospensione or an imposing chandelier such as the Flos 2097-30 can also be used to provide for ambient lighting.

For many people a bedside table lamp is also one of the obligatory furnishings in the bedroom. It is always available when you quickly need

some light – which is not only reassuring when you hear a disturbing noise at night. The Luceplan Costanzina Tavolo is a paragon of elegance and provides a pleasant lighting effect. The table lamp with a purist look is a bestseller from 1986. It can be easily switched on by means of a delicate switch and it produces a soft, unobtrusive light. The special feature is that the shade is only attached at two points so it is securely held in a balanced position without a rigid fastening being necessary.

Those who like to read in the bedroom should also not forget to include a table lamp for the bedside table. The adjustable representatives of this kind include the Melampo Notte by Artemide as well as the Cuboluce by Cini & Nils. The first one is equipped with a satin shade that can be tilted so that it can be turned into an adjustable reading light. The latter one directs the light to

where it is needed through a variably sized aperture that can be adjusted by opening or closing the lid. This “light box” is also available as a modern version with LED lamps, the Cuboled. Those who have enough space next to their bed in the bedroom might also consider a floor lamp. In this respect, the Tolomeo Lettura is known as the best example of a reading light. Thanks to its adjustable arms and the light head that can be rotated and pivoted, it is considered as a synonym for extraordinary flexibility.



Ambient lighting for bedroom

Ambient lighting for bedroom
Show light fixtures to create ambient lighting in the bedroom

Zone lighting for beds

Zone lighting for beds
Show light fixtures to create zone lighting for beds

Mood lighting in the bedroom

Mood lighting in the bedroom
Show light fixtures to create mood lighting in the bedroom


Flexible light provided by wall lights and clip-on lights

Focused lighting in the bedroom is also supplied by wall lights that are either installed next to or above the bed. A classic in this category is the Tolomeo Parete Diffusore. Its satin or parchment shade can be swivelled by approx. 30° so that it can brightly illuminate your book when you are reading at night. The Tolomeo Faretto which is also a piece by the high-class manufacturer Artemide can be adjusted even more flexibly: the light head of this ceiling light can be rotated in all directions and thus makes reading a real pleasure.

Especially in the morning while you are still half asleep, it is difficult to find the desired piece of clothing in the closet. Particularly during the winter months, when it is dark outside, this is rather torturous. A spotlight, for instance, might present a solution to this problem when its focused light is directed on the clothes in the closet – a prime example in this area is the Flos Parentesi. This spotlight cannot only be adjusted in height but also be swivelled by 180° upwards and downwards as well as be rotated by 360° around the steel cable. Clip-on lights are also a

popular solution to illuminate selected objects such as paintings, cupboards or shelves in the bedroom in a targeted manner. Their advantage: they can be installed quickly and easily and can also be used for other tasks in different rooms. Example: thanks to its flex shaft, the Athene 01 by the German provider less n more, Light of the year 2010 (Leuchte des Jahres 2010), directs the light precisely to where it is required. It can be installed e.g. on a book shelf in the bedroom but also on a cupboard in the living room.

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