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“Our aim is to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.” Signify’s motto (formerly Philips Lighting)

Philips Hue Bluetooth

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Download the app, configure settings, and you’re ready: Philips Hue Bluetooth

Creating a smart home has never been easier: control your Philips Hue Bluetooth lighting with the Philips Hue Bluetooth app. You don’t need a separate Hue Bridge anymore. Create atmospheric lighting scenarios for up to 10 products.

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Philips Hue Starter Sets inkl. Bridge

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Comprehensive carefree package: discover the Philips Hue starter sets

For the full range of functions and enhanced coverage of up to 100m, you will need the Philips Hue Bridge. This lets you control up to 50 lights and lamps via the Philips Hue app, using remote control, movement sensors, wireless switches and even voice control (Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant). The app also lets you adjust your lighting and programme the schedule and timers from another location. All products are included in the practical starter sets, so you can get going right away.

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Philips Hue brings smart technology to your lighting design

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Transform your existing design into smart lighting

There are two options for controlling your lighting design using Philips Hue smart technology: does your light have a conventional E27, E14 or GU10 socket? If so, you can simply replace the standard bulb with a Philips Hue bulb and the light can now be controlled via the app. The new Smart Plug socket allows you to control each light directly via Bluetooth or Bridge – even without a Hue bulb.

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The latest creations by Philips HUE

Philips Hue Outdoor

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Philips Hue Outdoor – welcome home

With Philips Hue Outdoor, you can configure your external lighting to switch on automatically as soon as you are approaching. Undesired guests can also be kept away using smart lighting technology or movement sensors. Philips Hue Outdoor gives you a feeling of security – every day.

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Philips Hue Outdoor range

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