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Martinelli Luce
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Martinelli Luce
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Martinelli Luce – traditional craftsmanship from Italy

The company Martinelli Luce was already founded in 1950 and can thus look back upon a long tradition. In the beginning, company founder Elio Martinelli primarily wanted to also upgrade commercial and public facilities with elegant designer lighting. Beforehand, rather functional lighting solutions were commonly used for public buildings. In the course of the years, the focus of activities of Martinelli Luce shifted more and more towards residential and private house lighting installations.

Elio Martinelli himself was very active as a designer. He is responsible for many of the successful Martinelli Luce light families, such as the Cobra table lamp, the Serpente lights or the original version of the Biconica floor lamp. In the world of design, Elio Martinelli always enjoyed an excellent reputation. In the 1950s and 1960s Martinelli’s lights were considered to be the symbol of aesthetic Italian design. By now, some lights by Martinelli Luce are exhibits in well-known museums.

Besides Elio Martinelli, his daughter Emiliana was also regularly working as a designer for Martinelli Luce. Successful models such as the Colibri light family or the unique lights of the Trifoglio range are based on her designs. In addition to “family design”, Martinelli Luce can also look back full of pride on the cooperation with renowned designers and architects. The famous architect Gae Aulenti created some successful models for Martinelli Luce, including the popular Pipistrello and Minipipistrello table lamps in a bat look.


Elio Martinelli
Being a visionary, company founder and designer...

Emiliana Martinelli
Emiliana Martinelli is not only the general manager of the well-known...

Gae Aulenti
The Italian architect and designer Gae Aulenti already...

Martinelli Luce – inspired by nature

The typical design by Martinelli Luce is strongly influenced by Elio Martinelli’s style. The company founder was always greatly inspired by the forms of the nature. Thus, the Cobra reminds us of the eponymous snake and the Serpente lights are also reminiscent of the delicate body shape of a snake. Moreover, Elio Martinelli had a preference for geometric forms which becomes visible when taking a look at, for instance, the Cono pendant light or the Globo pendant light.

In addition to lights for the private sector, Martinelli Luce was still dedicated to the production of technical lighting solutions for offices, business premises and other commercial and public facilities. In terms of their lighting effect, the technical lights such as the products of the Eye range are optimised for use in commercial and public areas. Martinelli Luce also offers a large selection of high-quality solutions for outdoor areas, for instance, the Polo or the Out light families.

Here, the name Martinelli Luce not only stands for sophisticated design and excellent light quality but also for high-quality workmanship and durable products. The fact that the strategy of the Italian manufacturer bears fruit is evidenced by numerous renowned design awards that were granted to the company. For instance, the Colibri table lamp by Emiliana Martinelli was acknowledged with the iF Design Award as well as the German Design Award. The Elica table lamp was awarded the Red Dot Award, the Good Design Award and the Compasso d´Oro.

Design awards

Compasso d'Oro
This Italian prize has been awarded since 1954 and is thus one of the...

Red Dot Design Award
The Red Dot Design Award separates the wheat from the chaff: in 2014...

iF Design Award
Since 1953, the German iF Design Award has been awarded to acknowledge...

Martinelli Luce – tradition in third generation

Company founder Elio Martinelli was always known as a real workaholic who spent hour after hour working on new, innovative luminaires. Up until his death in 2004, he went to his office every day. Even after his death, Elio Martinelli’s influence on the world of design is still visible – thanks to his light designs, he became immortal.

After Elio Martinelli’s death his daughter Emiliana took over the management of the traditional company. Since then Emiliana has not only been occupied in an executive function but she also has

followed the footsteps of her father as a designer: many of the new products by Martinelli Luce were penned by her. And the third generation also stands ready to lead the Italian family company into the future. Already today, Emiliana’s son Marco Martinelli is actively involved in the company where he supports his mother in dealing with the business management tasks.

Despite the long family tradition, Martinelli Luce certainly did not stall in the past but rather breaks new grounds in the field of light technology.

This means that in times of increasing energy prices and growing environmental awareness the topic of energy efficiency is at the very top of the agenda of Martinelli Luce. One area of attention is the development of new lights that are operated by means of energy-saving LED illuminants, for instance, the Spottò LED floor lamp designed by Emiliana Martinelli. Other classics such as the popular Pipistrello table lamp were relaunched by Martinelli Luce with LED technology.

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