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Tolomeo Lettura
Artemide Tolomeo Lettura
24 h
RRP*€ 365,- 10 % € 328,50
Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Lettura
2 weeks
RRP*€ 425,- 10 % € 382,50
Artemide Spare parts for Tolomeo Lettura, alu
24 h
€ 15,-
Artemide Replacement part Tolomeo Lettura, Nr. 18 lever 2. hinge with O-ring seal
24 h
€ 16,-
Artemide Tolomeo Lettura LED
24 h
RRP*€ 430,- 10 % € 387,-
Your selection:   
5 results
Tolomeo Lettura

Artemide Tolomeo Lettura – predestined for warm, bright work light

The Artemide Tolomeo Lettura series presents the popular classic Artemide Tolomeo as tastefully modified and convenient reading or floor lamps.

The fixture assortment Artemide Tolomeo Lettura contains versatile floor and wall lamps with a pleasing lighting effect and a high light yield. In this regard, the functional design of these Tolomeo fixtures impress with simple, clearly arranged and many convenient details. So the height of the Artemide Tolomeo lamp is individually adjustable thanks to the flexible light arm. Moreover, the Artemide Tolomeo Lettura’s turnable light ensures a trouble-free, targeted illumination of the work space. Its direct, zoned light creates a relaxed atmosphere and facilitates working or reading without tiring the eyes too much. The finely structured lighting fixture consists of solid aluminium. Thus, despite their very filigree appearance, Artemide Tolomeo Lettura lamps are known for their durability.

As workplace lighting, Artemide Tolomeo Lettura luminaires are at their best in offices and workrooms. But with their smooth, bright light they also prove useful as reading lamps in a living room. In terms of innovative lighting technology, Artemide has something to offer as well: Artemide Tolomeo Lettura floor lamps are equipped with modern LED technology that makes them especially environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Artemide Tolomeo Lettura floor lamps are available with a satin or parchment shade. These materials are slightly transparent when the fixture is switched on and create – additionally to direct reading light – diffuse, smooth ambient illumination. By combining direct and reflected lighting components, the Tolomeo Basculante Lettura exudes a cosy living atmosphere.

With its functional design, the Artemide Tolomeo Lettura series integrates well into living and working environments. It blends well with different decoration styles and acts as a decent, unobtrusive eye catcher with its gracefully built structure.
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