Mr. light11

light11 was born from the ideas, experience and passion of Thomas Unger, the current owner and managing director of light11. During his electrical engineering studies, Thomas Unger already showed a personal interest in lighting technology. After his completing his degree, he followed his passion for lighting and established himself through the creation of sophisticated lighting designs for both major and minor projects.
He designed and implemented refined lighting solutions for luxury residential apartments in Munich, Munster, Hamburg and Berlin, as well as for the Munich Airport Centre, the LBS head office in Potsdam and the Commerzbank office at Maximiliansplatz in Munich. He later became a product manager, managing director and board member of international lighting businesses. He has discovered that in terms of home lighting, greater focus is placed on the designs of the lamps than on the quality of the light, and wants to change this. The result: light11.
Intelligent home lighting solutions which create the ideal atmosphere for modern living. After all, high-quality lighting conditions coupled with excellent design promote health and well-being.

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