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Rim R
Nimbus Rim R 49 2700 K
2 weeks
RRP*€ 625,- 10 % € 562,-
Nimbus Rim R 36 2700 K
2 weeks
RRP*€ 487,- 10 % € 438,-
Nimbus Rim R 9 2700 K
2 weeks
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Your selection:   
3 results
Rim R

Nimbus Rim R

Flexible light discs for the living area

The lights of the Rim R range by the German manufacturer Nimbus establish new aesthetics by almost seamlessly overcoming the boundary between light and lamp. The sharp division between the light being the design object and the lamp being the operating material which up to now dominated the creation of different types of light is no longer applicable. For this reason, the Nimbus Rim R ceiling lights primarily impress by their powerful LED module which is held by a bracket that is reduced to a minimum.

The Nimbus Rim R lights stand out for their high flexibility. The round LED module is framed by an aluminium ring which ensures that it can be rotated by 90 degrees and swivelled by 350 degrees. This means that these flexible light sources provide light wherever it is required. In order to make sure that the light reaches the desired spot, an acrylic glass diffuser is located above the LEDs and it is provided with milled countersunk points. These ensure that 95% of the light emitted by the Nimbus Rim R are supplied directly. This property makes these ceiling lights become versatile spotlights that can be used in different areas of the house. For instance, the Nimbus Rim R lights are ideally suited to put selected objects such as a cupboard or a shelf in the centre of attention. Pictures, paintings and other pieces of art can also be ideally put in the limelight by these ceiling lamps. They cut a great figure in the dining room by e.g. impressively highlighting a sideboard or a shelf.

Rim R: warm-white zone lighting with a low power requirement

The members of the Nimbus Rim R family are distinguished by the number of their LED points. They are available with 9, 36 and 49 light-emitting diodes that stand out for a low energy requirement and a high luminous efficacy. The largest model of the ceiling lamp, the Nimbus Rim R 49, for instance, only requires 14 watts to achieve the highest light intensity of 813 lumens. This makes it not only ideally suited to highlight pieces of the interior design but it also supplies a pleasant ambient lighting that creates a homely atmosphere in the living room. The Rim R 36 produces a luminous flux of 546 lumens and thereby supplies light that is a little less bright than the light emitted by its sister model. It therefore cuts a great figure as a spotlight that highlights beloved pieces of furniture or paintings. The ceiling light can supply zone lighting in the living room, the dining room as well as a hallway, where it puts the illuminated object in the limelight. The smallest member of this light family, the Rim R 9, produces a luminous flux of 155 lumens and is therefore ideally suited to serve as a spotlight above a mirror or a picture.

The three main versions of the Nimbus Rim R additionally are distinguished by the light colour. All models of the ceiling light are offered with both colour temperatures of 2,700 and 3,000 Kelvin. According to the subjective perception of light, this corresponds to the idea of warm-white light that creates a cosy atmosphere. However, you not only can choose the light colour but also the colour of the housing. The housing is offered with a graphite, gold, titanium, glossy chrome, anodised silver and a glossy white surface finish. In addition to the various ceiling light versions of the Rim R, the Nimbus Rim R 36 wall light can also be obtained from our shop. It is available in two different versions, with and without gesture-controlled dimming; here, each light is again offered with two different colour temperatures.

Powerful LEDs for high light intensity

Nimbus was one of the first German companies that completely turned to the production of LED lamps. They combine this experience with the high quality requirements that are reflected, for instance, by the fact that the light-emitting diodes are put together by means of the so-called "binning" procedure. As part of this procedure, LEDs with a similar light colour and intensity are grouped together so that the light fixture supplies a uniform light. Thus, the LEDs of the Rim R ceiling lamp by Nimbus definitely shine in the same light colour.

However, the ceiling lights by the German light manufacturer Nimbus also convince with their energy efficiency. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, they achieve a significantly higher luminous efficacy. This means that the ceiling lights of the Rim R collection consume less energy and reduce the impact on the environment.
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