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Metalarte – designer lights with their own history

Metalarte has combined successfully solid craftsmanship with award-winning, international design for decades now.

Metal as the basic material
In 1932, Antonio Riera Clariana founded the metal manufacturing company Construcciones Riera in Madrid, which produced different objects made of metal. In the early seventies, the company specialised in the area of lighting, got a new logo and changed its name to the currently known version. Antonio Riera Cortes took over the company from his father and together with his brother developed it further to become one of the leading manufacturers of designer lights. With designers from abroad such as George W. Hansen or Antoni Arola, Metalarte also conquered the international market.

Specialising in natural light
Numerous design awards emphasise the outstanding position of the Metalarte lights. Particularly honourable is the national design award of Spain. This greatest national appreciation for design companies also honours the integration of design into the society, to which Metalarte made a valuable contribution. Since Metalarte regards natural light as a material, their designs always integrate the natural incidence of light which is reflected in the use of metal, often stainless steel or aluminium, as a reflecting surface. Current designers such as Eric Franch or Andre Ricard do not change the mostly metal luminaire bodies. The Inout Media Out floor lamp became a modern classic among the Metalarte lamps. Triana is not only a district of Madrid but also a particularly characteristic model among the Metalarte lights. The morpheme “Tri” included in the name is also an allusion to the three supporting legs, which is a design element that recurs in many other models. This design element is extended to four straight legs with a square-shaped base in the Lewit series. Apart from the generally emphasised simplicity, the Copacabana series stands out for reflecting varnish with a warm bronze shade.

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