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F-Sign gives a form to light
F-Sign lights are characterised by clear forms, purist design, modern materials and a playful
appearance of light expressed in the form of interior and exterior lights.

F-Sign lights – modern design for indoors and outdoors
The F-Sign Lightwear GmbH is headquartered in the German city of Plüderhausen in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. This is where the brothers Jürgen, Matthias and Simon Frech founded the company in order to realise their ideas of modern and high-quality lighting objects. The company name was created using the founders’ family name and a part of the word “design”. The F-Sign designer lights are the result of the creative ideas of the designers Simon Frech and Jo Hecht.

A characteristic feature of the F-Sign lights are the surfaces made of brushed or polished stainless steel, metal and aluminium. By means of the fine metal surface, F-Sign gives its lights an elegant and modern look. The preference for metal as material for modern light design can probably be explained by the company founders’ metalworking background. Clear geometric forms such as dices, pillars and cuboids dominate the F-Sign designer lamps. Wall lights and ceiling lights by F-Sign stand out for a particularly flat design. The purist appearance of the lighting objects is combined with modern, energy-saving lighting technology. Particularly solid and durable LED lamps are used for many models. The elegant and functional designer lights by F-Sign are often to be found in modern office buildings, hotels and culinary establishments, in public buildings as well as in residential areas.

One of the specific features of the F-Sign designer lights is the presentation of light, which is not always emitted upwards or downwards but sometimes is integrated into the form and therefore adapts to it. An example for this is the Oops light series, exterior lights with the plain shape of a rectangular column provided with brushed stainless steel surfaces. The floor light combines the angular outer form with a circular cut-out, in which a ring-shaped diffuser made of acrylic glass is located. Thanks to this special arrangement of the light source, an illuminated circle can be seen on both sides. If desired, the light can be equipped with colour filters in different colour tones. F-Sign and the designer Jo Hecht received the Red Dot Design Award for this light.

Modern, innovative lighting technology is used for the One LED wall and ceiling light. The luminaire body consists of a flush-mounted socket that can be fitted into the wall and the ceiling. But you will only see the square-shaped, 4 mm flat surface of the light made of aluminium composite. 36 energy-saving LEDs serve as the illuminant. The One LED floor light with its flat, bent shape highlights individual areas within a room or it may be used to provide direct illumination as a reading or working light. The innovative LED technology saves up to 80 per cent of the energy costs.
The Loop light series by F-Sign is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and it is offered with different metal surfaces. Furthermore, the wall light is available with a one-sided or a two-sided light emission. The Loop shows the clear forms of a dice. The design of this plain light retreats into the background and lets the impressive lighting effect go first.

Smooth stainless steel surfaces combined with the light emitted by the F-Sign lamps
F-Sign lights combine elegant materials, modern, energy-saving lighting technology and innovative ideas with geometric bodies and shapes.
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