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Delta Light
Delta Light Circle HI S2
24 h
RRP*€ 49,- 24 % € 37,-
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Delta Light

Variable, accentuated light at a fair price: Delta Light Circle

Easy to instal, effective illumination, pleasantly-minimalist design: There are some reason why someone should opt for a Circle in-ground luminaire from the Belgian manufacturer Delta Light. What’s more, the spot lights offer highly directional light at a very favourable price.

The built-in light Delta Light Circle S1 is suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting. The Spot light is composed of three flat concentric aluminium rings, the innermost one connected with the illuminant. The inner ring allows a rotation of rotation of up to 350 degrees and is tiltable by up to 30 degrees – so you have many options when realizing your own lighting solution. This individual adjustability enables you to effectively accentuate, for example, a sideboard in the living room or a cabinet in the bedroom. Besides, the Circle S1 spot appeal with its elegant, purist appearance, which opens a number of possible applications in the living area. A tasteful selection of colours – besides the classics black and white this lamp is also available in “gold” – adds to the attractiveness of this collection.

The same ability to adapt to many environments is offered by the in-ground spotlight Delta Light Circle S2, which provides the same attributes as the S1 version. Apart from the difference that the Delta Light S2 lamp is only suitable for the installation in solid ceilings, whereas the S1 is exclusively advisable for the installation in suspended ceilings. The Delta Light Circle S S1 ceiling spot continuous the plain, fine design, consisting of an exterior square frame and two rings. The inner ring which comprises the lamp – light11 recommends an eco halogen lamp – can also be rotated by up to 350 tilted up to 30 degrees. So the Delta Light Circle S S1 again is a pleasant combination of an enjoyable user experience and plain style. Its individual adjustability proves very popular in a hall or a dining room.

Like its predecessors, the Delta Light Circle S HI S1 spot light provides illumination that can be flexibly adjusted and derives its charisma from its minimalist design. Unlike mentioned lighting fixtures which feature a GX5,3 socket (pin cap), the Circle S HI S1 recessed spot is carried out with a GU 10 socket (high voltage reflector socket for illuminants between 35 to 50 watt). This as well as other versions with a separate “S” in the name are encompassed by a square cover plate.

Please be aware that an E-Transformer is not included and that you will need to order it under “accessories”.
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