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Majestic light from above: The chandelier

The name chandelier arises from an old time French word for candlestick. Chandeliers are the eight-thousenders among the pendant lights: They hang almost majestically from the ceiling and at the same time bring us widely diffused light. Chandeliers are stately and stylish lighting and home accessory, spending a touch of luxury and spreading an inviting, classy ambience thanks to its glamorous design. But don’t get mislead: classic does not have to mean old and out of date. This extraordinary candlestick cuts a good figure in modern households as well. A lustre, as the chandelier is still called sometimes, will always be a timeless piece of art and a rich source of illumination. Even more: It evokes in us a sense of dignity, in buying such a sublime lamp we add a little courtly sparkle into our home.

Since the light fixtures are shaped unusually in general and therefore spend unconventional lighting effects, a chandelier always catches the eye. A good example of this is the “Post Krisi 0046” designed by Enzo Catellani, which is also stocked by light11. On the one hand, due to its diffusers shaped purposely uneven, this pendant light provides a fascinating interplay of light and shade. On the other hand, with its housing artfully made of fibre glass, available in different colours ant therefore creating several moods, this chandelier pampers the eye already at first glance.

Ideally, chandeliers come into their very own in large rooms with high ceilings. As long as they aren’t too protruding, they whip up their atmospheric impact in smaller rooms, too. A good advice: The chandelier mustn’t hang too deep, otherwise it can cause nuisance or even obstruct the view. With their intrinsic sparkle, chandeliers rub off on every room. To achieve this impressive effect, they don’t even need a pompous hotel foyer, a noble restaurant, or another particularly peachy environment. Chandeliers cultivate every living room, but also grade up the dining area at home, lend a certain sensuality to sleeping rooms, or make sure there is a first light-bulb moment in the corridor.

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