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Reading lights: always prepared to enlighten you

Reading lights are a reasonable additional light source. As a supplement to the room light, they illuminate areas, which could use a little more of a directly shining light.

The reading light takes a special position in our living culture. All the more so when being a floor lamp, projecting into the room and catching the eye just for its visual appearance. Reading the newspaper or an exciting book while sitting on a couch or in an armchair wouldn’t be half the fun without a reading light giving off brightness where we need it. A reading light is a versatile servant. It spends light and thus indirectly also a piece of health, when it prevents our eyes from being ruined in baldy illuminated corners. Adjustable in height, the reading light can be adjusted to the required working or sitting height, meaning more additional comfort. Very popular in terms of convenience are, for example, reading lights like the “Belux Diogenes” floor lamp, which on the one hand with its floodlight gives indirect general lighting and on the other hand – thanks to its additional spotlight – ensures a lighting effect, which can easily be customized to individual needs. With their exclusive design, reading lights provide a visual added value when they make a strong, architectural statement.

In a more discreet and low-key appearance they add a pleasantly unobtrusive accent to the room and emphasize the harmony with the rest of the decoration in the environment. Designed in a filigree and delicate way, this sort of reading light is perfectly suited to rooms, which don’t have much space. Louis Poulsen’s lightweight (3.5 kg) “AJ F”, for example, with its thin light rod and its rotatable shade, focuses the light precisely where it is needed and lends rooms a pure elegance without overloading them. More “robust” floor lamps appear more dominant, sometimes even massive in the best sense and attract most of the attention in rather “unremarkable” rooms. So, several places of application arise for the reading light, which always serves both as a reading help and mood lighting. In the living room as well as in the work room, a place chronically beset with stress. Or in the sleeping room, where direct light in a decorative shape is always appreciated.

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