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Bega lights – architectural lighting design for exclusive outdoor areas

Bega is one of the most traditional companies in the German, but also in the European lighting industry. The company has specialized in the manufacture of lights and the presentation of lighting concepts for the outdoor area. Bega outdoor lights stand for high-value manufacture and represent a clear, sober and puristic style. All Bega lights convince through their modern technology in combination with high light quality and enormous durability.

Besides special Bega outdoor lights like recessed floor lights, pool and pond lightings, recessed wall lights, powerful spotlights and bollard lights in a unique style, the Bega LED lighting represents a new challenge for the company. The range of products of this company contains a large selection of these energy-saving, versatile and long-living products. All Bega lights are characterised by an exceptional resistance against adverse weather conditions and dirt as well as robustness for the protection against mechanical strain. High quality lights by Bega offer an especially high light quality and visually convince with clear shapes and modern, functional designs.

In 1945, the foundation was laid for the Bega company, which today is a part of the Gantenbrink group. Just from the start, the long-established company applied itself with great success on the manual production of lights. Just one year later, the lamp manufacture had developed to a company with fifty employees and offered thirty different lighting models. Now with mechanical support, Bega manufactured in its newly established production sites special lights for breweries and began to make exclusive outdoor lights, which were shaped with opal glass and gilding. At that time, the postwar period, Bega enjoyed a monopoly position in Germany regarding the manufacture of exclusive outdoor lights. The company had great success at international fairs, like in 1952, when it presented a large collection of Bega outdoor lights and won for the first time a design prize, the “Medaille d’Or“ by the Foire Internationale de Luxembourg. Further prizes for the outdoor lights of the tradition-steeped company followed in the course of the company history. At first, Bega lights from the Sauerland (North Rhine-Westphalia) were designed in a classic, traditional way. From 1960 on, the company began to produce modern architectural lighting, which adapted to the clear style of the buildings from those times. Now an internationally renowned brand, Bega was chosen ever more often from world-famous architects for the lighting design of their buildings. Ever since, the design products of the lighting manufacture have followed a generally sober style, a high functionality and the application of modern light technology.

In the last 20 years, the Gantenbrink group expanded und took over some known firms like Glashütte Limburg and some other from the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides, Bega has an agency in the USA. Bega lights are not only available in all European countries, they are also exported all over the world. In the course of its company history, the lighting group Gantenbrink has designed many public buildings with stunning lighting concepts, among others a station of the London Underground, public buildings in Germany and abroad, hotels, train stations and museums as well as sports stadiums and company headquarters of international enterprises. The lighting design of the concert hall in Tenerife belongs also to the references of the buildings equipped with Bega lights as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

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